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Here in the greater Williamsburg Virginia area many home have multiple pets, including dogs, cats and others. We specialize in creating harmony with in the household as well as insuring all pets receive their specific needs. This includes proper nutrition, exercise – both physical and mental, as well as specific training to live with their humans. All pet training should be fun so positive reinforcement is taught to all pet parents. A well mannered pet becomes an important member of the family.  

Lack of communication causes frustration for both the human and the pet, and can lead to increased problems.  An uncontrollable pet causes havoc in the home and is the biggest reasons pets are surrendered to shelters. Unfortunately most people do not know how to effectively communicate to their pet in order to train the pet appropriate behaviors for their home.  

Pets can have a hard time understanding “our” rules or expectations. We use marker or clicker training to achieve the fastest results.  

Providing positive training methods, proper socialization techniques and preventing problems before they occur is our primary goal at Paw Behavior, LLC.  

We work with all ages and behavior levels from babies, adolescence, adult and senior pets. A pet is never to old to learn and most that come from shelters or breeders are in need of your instructions to co-exist with you in ways that will make everyone happy.  

Our hands-on services (Behavioral Assessments and Private in Home Training) are available to the Greater Williamsburg Virginia area which includes Williamsburg, Richmond, Newport News, Virginia Beach and most of the Virginia Tidewater areas.

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral issues are addressed by first having the owner complete a behavioral questionnaire, so an overall picture of the situation can be examined. After reviewing the document a meeting is set up to do an in home evaluation. A behavioral modification plan is then developed with the owner  and put into practice. One or more follow up visits will access progress and any needs for further adjustments to the program.   

Initial consultation(Required): The assessment of your pet(s) and your home environment is a two step process.

  1. Completion a Behavior Consultation Questionnaire for each pet to be trained (Dog Questionnaire - Cat Questionnaire) This is required prior to the in home observation.

  2. The in home observation and analysis of protocol needed to achieve set goals.

Depending on the age and how progressed the dog/cat is with training, an individualized training or behavioral services plan will be developed for your family. You will also receive general information on Paw Behavior Policies  

Payments are due in advance or at the time of service.  Call for information and pricing.

Private in Home Training

We offer lessons Monday through Saturday daytime and evening.  We allow for your busy schedule by adjusting days and times as needed. Training includes basics, intermediate, advanced, therapy dog preparation and service dog evaluation.  

Lessons and skills taught  may include the following:

Appropriate eliminationno biting or jumping on people, Look at me, Take it, Walk on a leash without pulling, Sit, Down, Come with an auto sit, move to heel position or place, settle, sit stay, down stay, Wait, Leave it , Drop it, Give it, Off, Heel with an auto sit, Quite ( stop barking), Sit for a greeting, Meet and Greet with a person and another dog, plus others and tricks that each dog can achieve. We work to create you an individualized program to concentrate on your specific needs.

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations: (A credit card is required.)  

Phone consultations are offered due to referrals from outside the our Williamsburg service area.

Phone consultations are scheduled just as an in home consultation. Phone consultations may also include supplemental information sent via email. 

Phone consultations are charged 15 minute increments.

A credit card is required. At the completion of the call, your card will be charged for the time spent on the phone. 

Phone billing examples:  

5 minute call will be charged the same as a 15 minute call.
15-30 minute call will be charged as 30 minutes.       
45-60 min call will be charged as 60 minutes

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